The Confer Radio Talent Institute is a talent incubator on the campus of Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania in Bloomsburg, PA  and is one of the inaugural institute members of the National Radio Talent System.  The Institute brings in broadcast professionals from around the state and country to teach all the sessions during this intensive 10-day summer program as the Guest Professional Faculty.

Participating professionals praise the Confer Radio Talent Institute and embrace the Institute as a “go to” place to find bright, talented young broadcasters entering the industry.

College students must apply to be accepted into the  Confer Radio Talent Institute. Once they complete the Institute they become part of and are highlighted in the talent incubator for the industry in the Radio Talent Farm System 

The National Radio Talent System and the Radio Talent Institute is the campus-to-career connection most students need to begin their broadcast career, and the connection for broadcasters to discover and hire entry level talent today that can be the leaders in the broadcast industry tomorrow.  

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania is a comprehensive public university, and a proud affiliate of the National Radio Talent System affiliate in Kentucky.

Broadcaster Kerby Confer  is the sponsor responsible for making the Confer Radio Talent Institute possible in Pennsylvania. Mr Confer is a well known and highly respected broadcaster, having owned and operated over 200 radio stations,  and is an inductee into the Pennsylvania Radio Hall of Fame. Confer states,  The quality of the broadcasters  teaching in this  assembled for the 10 day “radio immersion” is amazing. This is just what our industry needs, and as the digital age is upon us, it couldn’t come at a more opportune time.  I’m excited to be able to extend the National Radio Talent System to Pennsylvania and the Northeast United States at Bloomsburg University.”

Radio Talent Farm System

2015 Confer Radio Talent Institute

If you are an industry professional looking for entry level talent, or talent early in their career, for on-air, sales, traffic, sports, news, IT, etc., view the Radio Talent Farm System to find talent now  looking to enter the industry, or recently entered the industry.

Guest Professional Faculty

2015 Confer Radio Talent Institute Guest Professional Faculty

If you are a student, view the Guest Professional Faculty to get an understanding of the caliber of professionals that come and teach at the institute.

Member, National Radio Talent System




The Kentucky Broadcasters Association Western Kentucky University Radio Talent Institute is a proud affiliate of the National Radio Talent System

Our Mission

For decades, the broadcast industry has talked about the need for a talent system to bring new talent to radio.  For the first time ever, the National Radio Talent System brings to the industry an innovative program that delivers entry-level talent qualified to excel in radio stations and broadcast groups throughout the state and region and across America.  

The Confer Radio Talent Institute attracts, trains and creates opportunity for talented, enthusiastic and well educated young adults who have a passion for the broadcast industry.   Rising college juniors and seniors work through an intensive 10-days to bring them to a better understanding of each aspect of the industry, including on-air, programming, writing, news, sports and sales; all students also participate in RAB training and take the exam to earn their Radio marketing Professional Certification.

The Confer Radio Talent Institute prepares the students to excel in entry-level positions upon their graduation, prepares them to excel in these entry-level positions, and better ensures they get a start in and have a successful career in broadcasting.

Many in broadcasting often ask, “Where is the next generation of talent coming from?”  We now know the answer.  Students who have participated in the Institute are now working for CBS, Clear Channel, Beasley Broadcast Group, Entercom, CNN and others.

Part of the goal is to prepare students, along with their Liberal Arts education, to the point that they can walk into a professional radio station environment and not only be comfortable, but to excel in every area of the business, from on-air to programming to sales to management…we expect no less than to prepare a future generation of broadcast leaders.

We look to attract the brightest of the brightest students to bring fresh talent into the industry who can contribute to make the industry even more dynamic.

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